Don Fried

CEO & Principal of Ignite Your Marketing

Meet Don Fried

CEO & Principal of Ignite Your Marketing

Don is a dynamic entrepreneur with two decades experience in business development, client management, and business relationships.

He's spent years working in the finance industry and with technology in the startup community where he gained an appreciation for developing and scaling software projects. Don has operated AtlasTech Web Studios since 2015 where he’s focused on brand strategy and product positioning. Don has grown AtlasTech Web Studios into a scalable team of vetted industry experts to meet clients where their needs are.

Recently he has launched a marketing automation and growth software, Ignite Your Marketing. This powerful software helps business owners build customized business engines to help automate processes, lead cultivation, nurture and conversion. Don and his team love to help proactive entrepreneurs and business owners grow through the combination of software and marketing services!

As a Marine Corps veteran Don is actively involved in the local and national veteran communities and he is also a proud dad to his little girl, Mila.

Ways to Work with Don 1-on-1:

1 Hour Marketing & Business Consult

If you want to “pick my brain” for an hour, you’re in the right place!

  • You can use the 60 minutes however you’d like: Q&A, a strategy meeting, or a brainstorming session.

  • You will also get up to 60 days of email support after the day of the session.

  • This is a virtual video session. We can also record it so you can rewatch later.

Possible Topics for Consulting Sessions:

  • Digital Marketing for Your Business

  • Organic Social Media & Content Creation

  • New Ideas and Brainstorming

  • General Marketing Questions

  • Paid Ads, Media Budgets, Lead Generation Strategies

  • Personal Brand Development

1:1 Monthly Mentorship

If you want me to mentor and strategize with you each month, you’re in the right place!

  • Two bi-weekly, 60-minute, Zoom meetings every single month.

  • Includes ongoing support via email and dedicated slack channel throughout the month.

What I Can Help With:

  • Starting a Business, Side Hustle, or Marketing Agency

  • Scaling and Growing an Existing Business

  • Marketing Career Paths and Overall Job Guidance

  • Accountability, Habits, Mindset and Faith

  • Brainstorming and Fresh New Ideas


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